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Preparation: For the EARTHQUAKE in Diverse Places ( like California)

Jesus Christ told the people, a long time ago:  (read actual Scriptural quote) in these days we would hear of EarthQuakes in Diverse Places. So, It would appear we are in that time known as THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS...
It has even become popular for news broadcasters to speak about EarthQuake Preparation.

Ok, here we are, living in these times, and California is indisputably a diverse place. So there are a few things I would like to tell you about Earthquake preparedness, that may or may not apply to you, who experience the Earth move under your feet, in other global spots. Nevertheless, this will be a good guide for anyone who has even a little common sense.

First of all, Recycle those plastic bottles of water you keep buying, by re-filling them with TAP water when they are empty. Then Store them. Ignore those idiots who keep asking you WHY do you have so many bottles of water sitting around, they will probably think you are some kind of fanatic, if you give them any answer related to the Truth, anyway. If they don't know, don't tell them. But, they will remember your stored water when theirs becomes scarce...

Get the one gallon water bottles, if you can :

Second, DON'T SLEEP In the NUDE!

I know, this kills all your romantic notions about sexy California Dreamin'...

But consider, how will you look to your alarmed public, when you have to run around naked, trying to avoid all manner of broken glass, into the street.

Dress to Impress before you go to sleep. Plus, think of all that time wasted, trying to find decent clothing to wear, when your building is getting shook down. Which Brings me to another important point:

Always keep a pair of good and serviceable shoes nearby where you sleep. Remember this is California

The Western Press will be there, you might be filmed, and find yourself on TV, seen around the world

  1. Keep Survival Food around you
    ----Beef jerky, fish Jerky, fruit Jerky, dried fruits & nuts,roasted and salted seaweed sheets. NONE of those Sugar Frosted Cartoon Cereal boxes, pick low density compact SuperFoods!.
  2. Get the info on Healthy Foods from Shop ABP
    ---You are going to need to seriously surf the web now.
    might not be able to later!

THIS is for the BIG one! ... supposed to hit in 2011or 2013 or 2015, soon!

EarthQuakes are Physical Events brought on by Spiritual Forces, that's WHY Scientists cannot predict them!

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