Cherrypal Open Store - worldwide shipping - US$ 18.80 per item EMS Express flat rate. Cherrypal 13.3" Bing Intel N280 based laptop, Windows XP, super-slim and built to last, $389.00 The $99 Cherrypal Africa, seven inches no-thrills laptop for Internet browsing. The Bing is a newly designed super-slim Intel N280 based fast laptop with a 13.3" wide-screen. The Bing is designed with the user in mind, runs Windows XP Professional. It does all the things you do every day: surf the web, keep in touch with your friends, listen to music, watch videos, word processing, presentations and spreadsheets, all without the hassles and very energy efficient. Please take a look at the pictures in our Open Store. read more >>
Operating System
At Cherrypal, we don't just think that less is more; we know that less is more. Our laptops use less energy and fewer components than any other computers on the market. That means there is less waste and less that can go wrong with your computer
We believe in using open source software, are open to new ideas and value green products of other vendors as much as ours. What does this mean for you? It means that you get the best products, the best service and the best possible price
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