Rudolph Rasky

The Spectators

Rudolph Rasky was born in Cologne, Germany, November 5, 1935. He is a recluse, and seems slightly wacky, based on reports from his sisters and nephews. An artist with manic-depressive inclinations, he allows No-one to visit him, he lives in a small town in Germany and does nothing but paint and create works of art. His sweet wife, Katherina, does everything for him that has to do with the outside world.Reports have it that he is extremely paranoid about everybody and everything. He has no phone, and does not watch TV. Needless to say, he has no Internet. In spite of his other idiosyncracies, he is amazingly well organized and obsessive about his art. He maintains a studio, where every piece of art is stored and categorized in shelves, individually. I traveled to Cologne, back in 1989, and found Rudolph in his house when he stayed on Maintzer Strasse in that big yellow house, near the zoo.

He was so very cordial, even though his family had warned me not to visit him. He opened his house, offered me some wine, and took me to his studio; then he proceeded to give me my own personal collection of 114 linoleum cut prints. His words were " SELL THEM! When you do I will give you more!"


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The prints are, in themselves, a social and political comment on the world of today, where we live. Rasky displays amazing insight and foresight into today's' geopolitical situation. The series of prints speak about the cosmos, the planet earth, the city life, the country life, the people, society, the environment,pollution in the land and the sea, the beauty of nature,endangered, and the mentality of a collective global consciousness where such things occur. This print is called THE SPECTATORS.


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