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Bottom Panel Left

This piano was left in lieu of paying rent.HELP!. I am highly motivated to sell.

Ebony and Ivory keys Some of the Ivory keys are chipped, and the ebony keys could use a laquer

Bottom Panel Middle

What it says is this:
  • Double Repeating Action
  • The Cable Company Chicago

Wonderful TONE

This piano has the most wonderful sound! Make from trees that were more dense, than trees grown in recent times. Older trees made better sounding pianos! The Ivory keys are chipped on the edge, so it needs restoration, but WHERE you gonna get IVORY keys, these days? The black keys are real ebony wood. WOW! Sorry, I even have to part with this, but I have a piano, and this one is taking space in an apartment that needs to be rented. I'm not sure if the new renter want a piano.